Ramajogayya's Post On 'Sirivennela'

By - July 04, 2016 - 03:43 PM IST

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For most of us, social media is all about sharing information and updates about our life but sometimes it also works as a platform for knowing trivia. This happens more when you keep following the social media profiles of film celebrities. Here is one such post which came out.
This was from the noted lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry and this is what he had to say to lyricist Sirivennela Seetaramasastry – ‘Hearty congratulations to Guruvugaru 4 completing super successful 30 years :) Sirivennela 30 years today :)’
This took many cine buffs by surprise because the film Sirivennela released on May 20th so they were wondering why Ramajogayya put the post now. When someone asked about it, he gave the reply. Apparently, in some FM Radio it was mentioned that it is 30 years since the film released today and hence he put it.  He replied this as an answer to a comment.