Raj Kandukuri Catches Gold

By - July 05, 2016 - 08:50 PM IST

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Once you become a producer, you will tend to have sleepless nights for a long period because the business of cinema is such. You proceed with your gut and instinct so there is no scientific analysis behind it. But there are those producers who have the right pedigree to identify a good subject.

One such person is Raj Kandukuri who is involved in multiple projects as a producer. Now, he seems to have struck gold with his new movie Pelli Choopulu. This has Vijay Devarakonda along with Ritu Varma in the lead. Raj Kandukuri is the sole producer for this venture.

According to reports, the pre release business is heating up as he is getting many offers. Those who saw the rushes of the movie are suggesting Raj not to sell the film and release it on his own. Sources say Raj is thinking now because the film is getting superhit talk before release.