Hollywood Blow Again On Tollywood BO

By - July 05, 2016 - 08:53 PM IST

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In the last decade and half, the presence of Hollywood in Indian cine circuit has been high and what was meant to be an entertaining product has begun influencing the business of Indian cinema. The way Hollywood movies are posing a threat to local movies is rather interesting.

Currently the situation is such that whenever a promising Hollywood flick comes, it is sure to cause a dent to the Indian movies. In some situations, it is actually wiping the slate clean and standing as the number one in box office charts. Earlier it was only in Bollywood but now it is happening in Tollywood also.

Recently one Hollywood movie The Legend Of Tarzan came in and it emerged as the number one in the weekly collections. Looking at the way Hollywood movies are getting response, even the theatre owners are inclined to give more shows to them only. That’s the situation.