Beauty with Comedy

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One of the key reasons why you go to watch a movie in theatre is, entertainment, glamour and humour. Among them, glamour and comedy hold a lot of importance and the makers do their best to offer the maximum to the audience. But here is one combination that is quite interesting.

It is the combination of beauty with comedy. Well, we are talking about the sultry siren Sushma Raaj and Hasya Chakravarthi Brahmanandam. The duo took a selfie while they are busy working for the movie Nayaki featuring the petite beauty Trisha. There is another link to both.

The duo has earlier worked for the movie Joru and became good friends. After that, both Sushma and Brahmi are working once again for Nayaki. The film is gearing up for release as planned in Telugu and the Tamil version will be releasing at a later stage.

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