Heroine's Ex-Husband Insults Her Publicly?

By - July 08, 2016 - 01:27 PM IST

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The yesteryear energetic actress Karisma Kapoor and her businessman husband Sanjay Kapoor opted for a divorce from a family court in Mumbai. The couple has been living separately since then. But the recent fiasco which happened when they met incidentally at a restaurant has been making maximum buzz now.

Apparently, Sanjay Kapoor was at a restaurant in British Capital along with his friends and Karisma Kapoor also visited the same place along with her friend Sandeep Toshival without knowing about this. Spotting his ex-wife with another guy, Sanjay started creating a scene by shouting loudly and gaining bad attention from the entire restaurant.

A distraught Karisma was shocked by this behavior and Sanjay’s friends tried to stop him from doing so. Yet he continued to make a huge scene which led the actress to leave the place in a jiffy. The entire social media is ablaze with this incident and maximum support has been coming up for Karisma.

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