New Hero with Cop Look

By - July 08, 2016 - 09:43 AM IST

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As a hero you would want to do many different characters but the common choice for almost all the heroes is the cop role. Different permutations and combinations are done by filmmakers showing heroes in various cop angles and it has become more of a mandatory thing to the heroes.

Now, one new hero has decided to wear the Khaki. He is none other than mega prince Varun Tej and all this is going to happen for his new movie Mister. However, there are reports that Varun would be seen as a cop in just one scene and we are not sure if it is a song either.

Given his personality and towering height, Varun would certainly suit the built of a cop but what remains to be seen is whether it is his actual character or does he just bluff it as part of the story. The answer to that lies with director Srinu Vaitla who is helming the movie.

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