Medical Terminology Enters Film Titles

By - July 12, 2016 - 04:02 PM IST

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An important aspect of filmmaking is the ability to come up with something strong and powerful while coining the title for a movie. The Tollywood folks have their own way of coining titles and sometimes they also tend to follow a trend. Currently, a new flavor is being observed.

Medical terminology has begun coming in for titles and one such example is Hyper featuring energetic star Ram. In the recent past, we have seen movie titles such as Temper which have something to do with medical field. So, don’t be surprised if you start hearing titles like ‘BP’ ‘Fever’ and others.

For some time there was the trend of cuss words and for some time it was the trend of Mogudus and Priyudus. Now, it seems to be the turn of medical terminology. Of course, if Hyper becomes a hit then this trend would pick up in a big way so let us prepare ourselves for some offbeat titles then.

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