One Film In All Screens Of Multiplexes

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The very purpose of having a multiplex is such that you have a choice of movies to pick when you go there and watch them. But imagine what happens when you go to a multiplex and all the screens are playing only one film for the whole day in all shows?

Such a situation is all set to happen now and the reason for that is one movie. We are talking abou the film Kabali featuring style samrat Rajnikanth along with the ravishingly beautiful Radhika Apte. The film is hitting the theatres on July 22.

According to reports, in all screens, only this movie will be there because the demand is such. For now, the final agreements are reportedly being signed so it has to be seen how many multiplexes will go for it. Meanwhile, it is already going to happen in Chennai and few other cities of Tamil Nadu.

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