'Bichchagadu' Spoils Many Producers Now

By - July 14, 2016 - 05:13 PM IST

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Your biggest success in the business of cinema is when you are able to judge the script of a movie and don’t get carried away by titles or cast. This is something Tollywood learnt recently when the movie Bichchagadu came seeking buyers. Many got switched off right after hearing the title.

But after looking at the film’s performance at the box office, it has triggered a new trend among the producers. Taking this movie as example, many dubbing movies are entering from Kollywood and some producers are showing interest to buy such films.

They are hopeful that their investment for the movies is less and if it clicks it will create records like Bichchagadu did. This goes to show the kind of positive feeling that gets generated in the industry with just one hit. Of course, once the mania comes down, many producers would have burnt their hands.

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