Koratala In Top-5 List with 'Janata Garage'

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The path for you as a filmmaker is filled with hurdles but if you are able to get through them in the first phase then you shoot to the top league within no time. The pace at which careers are being made in Tollywood is an example to that. Many filmmakers have gone into the big league in a short span.

Now, the focus is on one man. He is none other than the talented director Koratala Siva. So far, he has scored only hits and now he is arriving with his new movie Janatha Garage. The promos and the publicity and the inside reports have emitted a very positive vibe for the movie.

Even the pre release business has happened very well and if this movie becomes a hit, the range of Koratala Siva will change completely. The success of this movie will ensure he will step into the club of the top five directors of Tollywood. Here’s wishing Koratala the best of success.

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