Both Hero And Director On Bed

By - July 15, 2016 - 05:28 PM IST

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Any reference to film industry and bed might prompt you to think something mischievous and naughty but the news that a hero and director are on bed has another reason here. We are talking about the duo of Universal Star Kamal Haasan and filmmaker Rajiv Kumar respectively.

Apparently, they are the team for the much talked about movie Sabash Naidu. Few weeks back, Rajeev got struck with an illness and he is bed ridden since then. Hence, Kamal took over as the director and managed to complete one full schedule in USA recently.

But now, after returning to Chennai, he fell down from the stairs at his office and broke his leg. As a result, Kamal is also admitted in the hospital and the project has come to a standstill. Here’s wishing speedy recovery to both Kamal and Rajeev.