Singer Srikrishna's Funny Experience

By - July 15, 2016 - 09:06 AM IST

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There are those moments in your life when you are in a haste to get to the railway station or airport so that you don’t miss your journey. And then there are those people whom you would have seen that have this travel anxiety and make it a point to be there one hour before departure.

While that is understood, can you imagine someone coming exactly 12 hours before departure? Well, singer Srikrishna is one person who has done that unique thing and all this happened due to a slight confusion on A.M and P.M. Srikrishna is currently in the USA on a tour.

Apparently, he had his flight at 10.59 pm but our man thought the flight is at 10.59 am and he rushed to the Sky Harbor airport at Phoenix. While he was working on how to kill the next few hours, Srikrishna was hoping he could get the watch used by Suriya in the movie 24. This will be an unforgettable incident in his life.

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