'Sultan' Loots Regional Industries Badly

By - July 14, 2016 - 06:34 PM IST

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About a decade and half, the effect and impact of Bollywood on the regional circuit was not that strong and only movies which got exceptional talk garnered audience in the south. However, the scene has changed now and any good movie of Bollywood works in the south too.

In this transition, the regional industries have begun bearing the brunt because their movies face a dent in the collections. Currently, it is the turn of few Tollywood movies which are unable to bear the weight of the Bollywood movie Sultan featuring mighty heart Salman Khan.

The film has got a phenomenal response and the collections are overflowing at all centers. The point to note is Sultan is creating a wave even in the regional industries and the local movies are getting knocked out in this storm. For now, the only option is to lie low and wade out the Sultan storm.