Nayanthara With Would-Be Grandfather

By - July 16, 2016 - 03:19 PM IST

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The usual estimation of a shelf life we give for a heroine is not more than five to six years of success and after that she packs her bags. But there are those starlets who have defied that calculation and stuck to top league for nearly a decade. Such beauties are rare though.

One among them is the gracious beauty Nayanthara and now she would be seen with a would-be grandfather. Well, the man is not really that old but technically he is poised to become a grandfather. He is none other than Chiyaan Vikram and Nayan is his leading lady.

All this is happening for his new Tamil movie Irumugan which is coming in Telugu as Inkokkadu. Recently, Vikram performed the engagement of his daughter Akshita and the marriage is scheduled soon. With this, it is not long before Vikram will become a grandpa. Well, we must admit he is a lucky grandpa to pair with a hottie like Nayan.