New Amendments In Film Censor Board

By - July 16, 2016 - 03:12 PM IST

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If you want to be in the good books of the film fraternity there are two jobs you should not be taking up, that of a media person or a censor board member. Well, there is always that love-hate relationship that exists between cine world and these two worlds.

The maximum friction arises from the censor board because they want to regulate few things in a movie and directors feel it is restricting their freedom. In lieu of that, a new committee has been established to bring about few radical changes in the film censor board.

As part of that, an interesting proposal has come up. The Telangana Film Chamber has recommended the need for not one but two regional censor officers to certify a movie citing that would justify the individuals having knowledge on all aspects of a film. Let us see if this gets approved.