Upset Heroine walks away from shooting

By - July 18, 2016 - 06:29 PM IST

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As a heroine, your true identity emerges when you either pair up with a star hero or you work with an acclaimed filmmaker. It is only after this that you start building your own credentials through your performance and glamour quotient. One director who gave life to many heroines is Ram Gopal Varma.

Recently, one hot girl worked with him and earned some reputation. She is Anukriti and news is that she has become the eye of the storm. Anukriti is currently at loggerheads with Yogesh, the director of her new movie Papa. The matter has already gone to the police.

Apparently, Anukriti reportedly complained Yogesh wants her to do very sleazy scenes. Yogesh from his end has refuted such claims citing she knew during narration that skin show was required. Inside news reveals Anukriti has fallen in love with a senior hero and the love story has now changed her mind regarding exposing. The coming days will give the truth.