Song Cannot Change Film's Fate

By - July 18, 2016 - 06:20 PM IST

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It is true that the Tollywood audience love to listen to good songs and show a lot of interest in watching them on silver screen. Having said that, it is also true that the absence of one song is going to change the fate of a film. This thought has prompted a team to take a decision.

We are talking about director Maruthi and his decision to go ahead with proceedings for his new movie Babu Bangaram. Apparently, the team was stuck because they had to shoot a duet between the lead pair of Victory Venkatesh and the gracious beauty Nayanthara.

However, sources reveal Nayan was not keen on catering extra dates for this number. So, Maruthi and the film’s producer have decided to prepare for the audio release on July 24th and movie release on August 12. While the song would be part of the audio album, it would not be present in the movie. Anyhow, Maruthi took the right decision.

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