'Bichchagadu' Opens Eyes Of All Filmmakers

By - July 18, 2016 - 01:11 PM IST

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Sometimes the result of few movies leave you in such a daze that you don’t know what happened. The impact is much stronger when you are part of the film fraternity and are unable to figure out how a film works. That seems to be the case for many in Tollywood due to one movie.

We are talking about the film Bichchagadu and many filmmakers are getting into a major contemplation and introspection as to how did this movie work so strongly. Well, the word of mouth publicity helped and of course, no big movies came during that time.

Even those that came didn’t stand for long and faded out. No matter what is happening around, Bichchagadu is steady and the filmmakers are expecting it can cross 30 crore. We say it can be categorized as once in a lifetime event and the luck factor is too high so as simple as that.

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