5 unique characters which only Soundarya Could Pull Off!

By - July 18, 2016 - 01:47 PM IST

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It is indeed a rare phenomenon to have a female lead who can establish herself in a strongest position on par with the hero with her grace, acting as well as ample dose of glamor. She is none other than Soundarya who was a fallen star in the peak of her career after her tragic demise in an aircraft accident. On the eve of her birth anniversary today, iQlik brings you the five unique characters only she could pull off with ease:

Bhavani from Ammoru : Soundarya was just in the beginning of her career when she got this chance to act as a staunch devotee of Goddess Durga who fights with her hostile family relatives and struggles throughout. A natural star was obvious in the making with this marvel.

Radha from Pavitra Bandham : Soundarya pulls off the role of a working woman with strict ideals who questions hero's modern take on life. She reminded everyone of the yesteryear actress Savitri with her girl next door look and traditional attire.

Bhanumathi from Anthapuram: This was a biggest challenge for Soundarya to take up a de glamorized role of an NRI who gets stuck in Rayalaseema region and fights for her son. She was already in peaks of her career by this time but she impressed brilliantly with her antics.

Anjali from Raja : The breathtaking chemistry between Soundarya and Venkatesh was greatly evident in this film and she plays a struggling singer's role. She was an embodiment of style and mastery in this role.

Katyayani in Sri Manjunatha: Soundarya always shared a special chemistry with action king Arjun and in this mythological epic she performed par excellence as devoted wife of an atheist husband who transforms later. Her histrionics in some sentimental scenes are unforgettable.

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