TV Duryodhan In Big Telugu Film

By - July 21, 2016 - 04:01 PM IST

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There may not be a single person among you who would not know about Duryodhana, the King of Kauravas. And to those who are thirty five plus, their education about Duryodhana came from the TV serial ‘Mahabharat' which came decades ago.

Some part of the credit also goes to the actor who did that role. His name is Puneet Issar and now he is doing a big Telugu film. It is titled as Sarabha which marks the debut of Ishaan as hero. Ashwani Kumar Sahadev is the producer. Recently, Puneet was travelling from Mumbai to Hyderabad.

Witnesses reveal almost all the passengers were taking selfies with him throughout the flight. Since Puneet is doing a big role in the movie, some of them asked if he would like to dub for his voice in Telugu. For this, Puneet reportedly said he will try doing dubbing and is ready for it.

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