Scary Romantic Fare! - Happy Birthday Audio Review

By - July 23, 2016 - 12:47 PM IST

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Happy Birthday is a thriller flick starring Sridhar Rao, Sanjjana and Jyothi Sethi in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by G Santhosh Reddy and is directed by Veera Reddy. Here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The album makes its humble beginnings with Koncham Prema – a laid back romantic duet sung by Anudeep and Lipsika. The delicate piano touches and steady rhythm makes it an enjoyable listening. The string section is quite appropriate with neat riffs and melodious impact as well.

The title track Happy Birthday arrives in 80s retro style with eerie chants of the same. The electric guitar is quite trendy with rhythm loops joining the fun. The song creates an ideal horror atmosphere with stylish vocals by Ashwin Aiyer, Karen Mario and Veera Reddy. However, it is the velvety electric guitar which takes the front seat throughout.

The melodious effect is back with Romantic Song Paas Mein Thu with Hindi lyric effect. The bass work is impressive with stylish string sections. The song gives an impression of an eerie love song in the midst of danger. The interludes are well presented as well with ample dose of strings, loops and create a pleasant effect.

Happy Birthday (Horror and Romantic Theme) is a scary theme track which manages to make a brilliant impact on the listener. Despite the mild usage of strings and delicate piano, the song gives a downright scary effect.

Another scary theme track Happy Birthday Hunting is a mellowed composition with minimalistic approach towards horror themes. It stays true to the album’s theme.

Verdict: Happy Birthday is a horror centric album which stays true to its genre. The album succeeds in creating a scary atmosphere in the midst of peculiar romance.

Rating: 3/5