Luck Showers On Lady?

By - July 25, 2016 - 09:50 AM IST

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Among the many forms of luck we hear in this world, the first place always goes to Lady Luck. They say that some women have that blessing in them and when they enter a man’s life, his whole fortune changes and he reaches great prosperity.

But what about some luck shining on the lady herself? This factor is much needed for many beauties who aspire to become top heroines in the cinema industry. Despite having the right kind of beauty, acting talent and delicious glamour quotient, many actresses get discarded.

One such lady is Anisha Ambrose. At one point, she was hyped as the heroine for power star Pawan Kalyan in Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Till date, Anisha never got a breakthrough but now she is arriving with the movie Manamantha. Let us wish luck showers on this deserving beauty.