Heroine Talks About Cleavage Openly

By - July 25, 2016 - 11:00 AM IST

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There is a fine line between boldness and talking things with a tongue-in-cheek expression. While it is expected from boys to say something bold it never really sounds tasty when heard from a girl. And if the girl happens to be a heroine then the impact is much higher.

However, here is one heroine who has spoken about cleavage openly but call it her extremely cute face or her doll like smile or her way of expression, it came across as something adorable yet considerable. She is none other than Ritu Varma of Yevade Subramanyam fame.

She will soon be seen in the movie Pelli Choopulu and as part of the film promotions, she gave an interview. The topic was ‘dos and don’ts of Pelli Choopulu' and this cutie mentioned how prospective grooms should not stare at the cleavage when the prospective bride brings the tray of sweets. Well, Ritu said it on a lighter vein so it was an entertaining byte from her.

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