Strange Curse On Kamal Haasan

By - July 26, 2016 - 06:43 PM IST

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You might be the most talented and brilliant actor of your times but that fame comes after going through a lot of hardships. However, once you reach a certain orbit of success, then failure and challenges don’t haunt you. But there is one man who seems to be having a tough time.

He is none other than Universal Star Kamal Haasan. Whenever he has attempted to come up with his movies under his supervision, he has been through some major challenges. When he made Vishwaroopam he was driven to nuts due to various allegations in Tamil Nadu.

Now, he is trying to come up with Sabhash Naidu and from the time the project started, Kamal has been through various issues including his own accident landing him in hospital. Fans of Kamal are concerned whether this is a strange curse on Kamal and pray he comes out of it soon.

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