Latest Buzz: Chay Gifts Sam a Costly Ring?

By - July 26, 2016 - 06:48 PM IST

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Chay-Sam love story has become a daily soap in social media and every day or new there is a new episode to it.
As per latest reports from the rumor mills, Naga Chaitanya has presented his lady love Samantha a beautiful (obviously costly) platinum ring when he was recently back from abroad. Sam is apparently in awe of this new present from her sweetheart.
While Sam has already denied reports that they are going to wed in September, insider sources reveal that it may not be anytime close. Well Chay would naturally prefer to stay tight-lipped about all the rumors, guess Samantha should have something to say about this then! If they ask “is this the only job we have?!” nevermind… the rumormills will come up something stimulative next time!

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