Rajnikanth- Biggest Asian Star After Jackie Chan

By - July 27, 2016 - 05:46 PM IST

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They call him the real life superstar and they term him Style Samrat. More than this, he is a man with a golden heart and a charisma that will never leave you if you meet him. We are talking about Rajnikanth and speaking about his stardom, he is the biggest Asian star after Jackie Chan.

There are many statistics which prove that but let us take two instances. His latest movie Kabali released in 12000 plus screens across the globe which goes to show his stamina. Despite negative talk, the collections are rocking at the box office especially at overseas.

Secondly, an American researcher by name Constantine V Nakassis came up with a book named ‘Doing Style- Youth & Mass Mediation In South India’ and this is entirely about the style of Rajni and how it has inspired and influenced youth from many decades. Need we say more?