Biopic On Sunny Leone

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Most of you would have your share of favorite heroines or actresses but that keeps changing as per seasons. However, when it comes to the fantasy queens and sex symbols, the place belongs to only one and that place is taken by her for a long time. That’s the power of sexy queens.

The one name which commands millions of followers across India is the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone. She shot to stardom within a very short span and it is known that she hails from the adult film industry. Now, the time has come for a closer look at Sunny Leone’s life.

Reports from Mumbai reveal a biopic is going to be made on Sunny Leone and she is going to feature in it. This is going to be helmed by Abhishek Sharma and it is heard that this would be a full fledged feature film. The chances are high that it would have even Sunny’s hubby Daniel Webber in it.

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