Bad Omen Haunting Big Hero

By - July 27, 2016 - 11:13 AM IST

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They say that when the world’s most feared movie The Exorcist was  being made, many spooky incidents happened which affected the staff members and even some of the cast. Since it was a horror flick it is understood but there seems to be some bad omen haunting a big hero.

We are talking about Universal Star Kamal Haasan and from the time he started his movie Sabhash Naidu he has been going through major ups and downs. For starters, the film’s director Rajeev Kumar fell sick and Kamal had to take the direction. Eventually, Kamal fell at his office and landed in hospital.

Now, there are reports that Kamal has decided to change cinematographer Jayant Gummadi because his pace is too slow. At the same time, the film’s editor had to exit because his wife met with an accident in Kerala. Here’s wishing the best of prayers for Kamal so that he comes out of these challenges soon.