Sunil in Super Tensed Mode! Why?

By - July 26, 2016 - 10:49 PM IST

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Sunil was one of the ace comedians who could put a smile on our faces in any given circumstance. But later he chose to entertain us becoming a hero. As we know, it wasn’t a cake walk for him especially after Andala Ramudu & Maryada Ramanna.

However, back to back flops couldn’t pull him down and his recently released Jakkana movie trailer looked promising. Sunil has pinned all his hopes on this film and apparently took maximum care (actually more than his director Vamsi Akella) regarding the script, editing and promotional cuts as well. He has even screened the film for a close group seeking their feedback and making essential changes too.

Jakkanna is in fact a make or break film for Sunil and he is currently anxious about it, say close sources. But on the flipside Jakkanna censor talk is not something they can boast about. So, we need to wait till the 29th of this July for the public verdict.

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