Comedians Ready On 'Kabali' Spoofs

By - July 27, 2016 - 01:45 PM IST

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It is one thing to take a product and reproduce it and another to take a product and reproduce it in the most hilarious manner. Tollywood has seen a lot of spoofs in the recent past. Given the abundance presence of comedians, the spoofs always turn out to be a blessing for them.

Now, there are reports that the top notch comedians have targeted the latest release Kabali featuring Style Samrat Rajnikanth. Well, the list includes names such as ’30 Years’ Prithvi, Sapthagiri, senior comedian Ali and the comedians from ‘Jabardasth’ program.

As it is, these comedians are very good at improvising a particular scene with their antics and dialogues. Hence, the makers who are working with them are trying to include a scene or two which would be a spoof on Kabali. Let us see who delivers the best hilarious treat.