Sunil's Strategy Really Works?

By - July 29, 2016 - 08:47 AM IST

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When you are starting your professional life, you need to have a clear cut strategy about the way forward because that will ensure you reach success quickly and grow. The same applies even to the cinema industry and especially to the heroes who are the main revenue earners for industry.

A common requirement from the trade analysts is that the more movies big heroes come with, the better it is for the industry. But along with that, even the success rate has to be nice. Keeping that in mind, some are questioning whether the strategy of Sunil is good or not.

The comedian turned hero has announced he would be coming up with at least four films per year. This year, he came with Krishnashtami and will be seen soon in Jakkanna. While the pace is good, what is more important is the success element. Perhaps the result of this strategy would be known by the end of this year.

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