Sunil's Jakkanna Movie Review & Ratings

By - July 29, 2016 - 03:07 PM IST

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Cast: Sunil, Mannara Chopra, Kabir Khan
Banner: RPA Creations
Music: Dinesh
Editor: MR Varma
Cinematography: C Ram Prasad
Producer: R Sudharshan Reddy
Director: Vamsi Krishna Akella

Jakkanna..Pichcha Light Anna! Counterlu ekkuva Comedy thakkuva!


Ganesh (Sunil) is an over smart jobless jack messing up the lives of people who help him. As soon as he comes to Vizag city Ganesh falls in love with Sahasra (Mannara Chopra), the sister of the biggest goon of Vizag city - Bairagi (Kabir Khan). Bairagi maintains a low profile that only couple of people know his true identity. Both Ganesh and Bairagi’s foes are in hunt of Bairagi but for different reasons. And right when Bairagi is attacked, Ganesh saves him just because Bairagi helped him once. What is that help and how did Ganesh mess up Bairagi’s life forms the rest of the story. (yippie...finally figured out Jakkanna’s plot.


Sunil: This comedian turned hero left no stone unturned to tickle our funny bone even in this film. With his signature slang, body language, dances, fights and lastly tons of punches, Sunil has played every card (except a proper story and comedy) to entertain (his desperation is quite evident).

Mannara Chopra: In her debut litmus test, this newbie managed to pass off with 80% glamor and 20% performance.

Kabir Khan: This actor debuted with Jil but still cannot mouth his dialogues in Telugu properly. Besides this he too pulled off the role of a dumbass villain with ease.

However, if you could stop trying to laugh and start laughing, it is because of Saptagiri and 30yrs industry Prithvi.

The rest of the cast including Chitram Seenu, Nagineedu, Roller Raghu, Posani and others were also lucky enough to get few punches!


How does it feel like if we fill up this section with some comic punches, satires and counters without any analysis? (that’s exactly how we feel like watching Jakkanna).

We know Sunil is a good comedian and we also know he is trying his level best to entertain us with some comedy films. But the thumb rule is pretty simple –only a good story with an entertaining narration is the winner.

A hero with a weakness and the corresponding consequences are the source of comedy – looks like Jakanna started off here and completely lost his way. An over smart hero trying to fool a dumb villain with a bunch of other comedians (4 songs and 2 fights extra) – this is all about Jakkanna. Given such a storyline, strong comedy content with an equally good progression of story can save you. And as we know comedy isn’t all about a set of contemporary punch lines and couple of spoofs.

Ok…if this is too much to ask for, the film ought to have few hilarious scenes to ace the test. But the film survives on Saptagiri and Prithvi comedy. While Sunil and Saptagiri share the responsibility in the first half, they get some help in the form of Prithvi in the second half. However as the second half passes,things don’t get better either and that is when the director finally felt like concluding the nonsensical drama with an emotional connect (that suddenly drops from the heavens).


- Saptagiri and Prithvi comedy

- Mannara Chopra comedy

- Music

- Cinematography and Editing


- Merit less Comedy with too many punchlines.


Well though songs usually don’t have a situation to fit, they were foot tapping indeed. The background score is also decent enough (it would have been good if there is a robust scene).


Nothing special to mention.


We know films have comedy and sometimes comedy is generated through counters. But perhaps for the first time we realized that an entire film can be filled with counters and nothing else. This monsoon, Jakkanna is like an incessant rain of punches that you might actually get flooded away. Of course much better than Sunil’s earlier bonanza Krishnashtami and the due credit goes to Saptagiri & “30yrs industry” Prithvi.

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