New Twist in Amala Paul-Vijay Separation

By - July 31, 2016 - 12:13 PM IST

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Twists & turns are a part of anyone’s life but those in the personal lives of others especially that of celebrities gain more attention.

Going into the details, Amala Paul-Vijay separation is one of the most discussed topics now and unfortunately this issue is getting murkier with each passing day. Vijay’s father recently made serious allegations on Amala Paul accusing her lifestyle and disrespect for them as the key reason behind the separation.

However a close friend of Amala recently condemned these allegations by her father-in-law and stated that it was Amala who suffered in this case. Amala Paul was never treated well by her in-laws family and especially Vijay’s parents have humiliated her many-a-times. They have neither respected Amala, her family or her aspirations. And even though Vijay tried to fix things between Amala & his parents, things apparently didn’t work out which eventually led to the separation, according to the close friend.

Fans are only wishing that things get better and their marriage is not broken!

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