Only One Target for Chiru & Sunil

By - July 31, 2016 - 12:11 PM IST

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Chiranjeevi & Sunil are stars in their respective arenas and their combination is one of the most loved and successful combos in the industry with hilarious tracks in Indra, Jai Chiranjeeva, Tagore & Andarivaadu etc.

So when there were reports that Sunil was offered a key role in Chiranjeevi’s 150th film, the excitement and expectations grew. But later Sunil got busy and his appearance in #Chiru150 was close to impossible. However latest reports confirm that Sunil is a part of the prestigious film and he will take part in the shoot from the next schedule.

Well both Chiru & Sunil are aiming for one thing – a ‘comeback’. The Megastar is looking redeem his glory and stardom and even Sunil is eyeing for a proper hit after becoming a hit. After a series of flops, Sunil even requested his fans to see him as a comedian rather than a hero. On top of it, fans will love to see him together after a long while and if their track works, it will be advantageous for Sunil & Chiru as well!

So looks like everything is falling right for Chiranjeevi 150th film and Sunil too! Good luck!

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