Live Telecast For Director's Marriage

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A live telecast on television for us would generally mean sports matches, political speeches, film related events or interviews. But in the recent years, this live telecast has been happening even for star weddings. This tradition has begun strongly in Tollywood circuit.

This time, it is said to be the turn of the intellectual filmmaker Krish. It is known that Krish is tying the knot on August 8th and the lady who stole his heart happens to be Dr Ramya. The wedding is going to take place in Hyderabad itself and here is an update.

Many TV channels are vying to telecast this occasion live because all big celebrities are coming. Reports reveal even Chandrababu Naidu and KCR are also expected. Apparently, Krish is making such a big movie that all are feeling proud about his initiative. Let us see which channel grabs the rights then.

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