Aish's Deleted Scene On YouTube?

By - August 01, 2016 - 08:15 AM IST

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In case you are a fan of the gorgeous green eyed beauty Aishwarya Bachchan, you would be hoping against hope that her new movie with young hunk Ranbir Kapoor comes with no barriers or deletions. Apparently, she has done an intimate scene with Ranbir in the movie.

However, it is heard that the Bachchan family was not happy with it and pressured director Karan Johar to remove it. Well, the scene may be cut from the movie but they should also be careful to stop it from entering Youtube or anywhere on the internet.

For that to happen, the scene must be scrapped and deleted permanently else it will get uploaded within no time. Reports from Mumbai reveal the team of Karan Johar is already working on it and measures are being taken to ensure such a situation doesn’t occur.

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