Krishna Vamsi Clarification on Ramya Krishnan Issue

By - August 01, 2016 - 12:47 PM IST

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The versatile filmmaker Krishna Vamshi has always been known for heaping praises on his wife- actress Ramya Krishnan and appreciates her wit and knowledge along with good looks.

But in a recent interview, he confessed that Ramya used to seriously try changing his attitude in certain things and when she realized it is next to impossible to happen,finally she gave up! He also shunned out rumors about him taking financial support from his wife after a tough situation with back to back flops. Krishna Vamshi turned emotional saying that if such a day comes where his self respect and abilities are at stake, he can consider himself dead!

The director also clarified saying that he might have failed in making some films but he never failed as a filmmaker with vision.

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