New Punch for Baahubali

By - August 04, 2016 - 11:33 AM IST

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Whenever a big budget film is on cards, the pressure on producers as well as the entire team surmounts to a heap. The entire budget needs to be recovered in the form of Box Office collections and promotional activities should be on full swing to get into public. But at times, even rigorous promotion may not give the expected result.

A similar situation is happening for Rajamouli’s magnum  opus Baahubali now. The first installment was tremendously successful and the makers released the film in international markets as well including China. But the result hasn’t been satisfactory there.

The returns weren’t as expected in China and Europe as well. Despite a grand release with maximum number of theatres, the film couldn’t create an expected impact as it couldn’t reach even the 1 million dollar mark. Now this turned as big headache to the team who are on their way to release the second installment on April 2017.

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