Lyricist's Comment On 'Pelli Choopulu'

By - August 04, 2016 - 04:04 PM IST

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The one film that is currently dancing on the lips of everyone is Pelli Choopulu. This trendy rom-com has created a ripple among all genres of audience and they are watching it with full gusto. While all this is happening, one lyricist came up with an interesting comment.

He is none other than Sirasri and he quipped that people are showing sympathy towards those who haven’t watched Pelli Choopulu and hence the film is going great guns at the box office. Those who read this are having a hearty laugh and nod their heads in affirmation.

It turns out that in case you haven’t watched the movie, you are looked with pity. Featuring the young Vijay Devarakonda and the cute Ritu Varma, the film has been getting a major response. This is produced by Raj Kandukuri. So before someone pities you, go and watch it.

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