Female Following For Sammohit

By - August 05, 2016 - 01:13 PM IST

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The name Sammohit Tumuluri may not ring a bell for you but if you are an avid net buff and spend sometime watching short films you would certainly know him. He has become famous for his online presence and in Facebook he did a dubsmash for the song ‘Bommanu geesthe neela undhi’.

He did this with a girl called Nidhi Mekala. This dubsmash got a smashing response and with that, Sammohit got a tremendous female following. While he is yet to get the full feel of this celebrity following, another interesting situation has begun happening.

It is heard that some producers are getting recommendations from ladies to do movies with Sammohit as the hero. Well, the lady audience is the most toughest to impress and if Sammohit has been able to appeal them, then he will rock on the silver screen.