Hollywood Flick Failed To Score

By - August 06, 2016 - 03:31 PM IST

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The amount of interest you show in watching the Bollywood and regional flicks, there is an equal amount of interest that is catered towards Hollywood flicks too. In that, a special craze and excitement is there for the movies which come with franchisee series.

One such series is the Bourne series which deals with a rogue CIA agent suffering from amnesia and trying to find his own identity. Starring Matt Damon, its earlier editions became blockbusters at Indian box office but this time, the new franchisee seems to have disappointed.

The latest release Jason Bourne is getting an average response from the audience. However, they say that if it is watched like an action flick without comparing it to previous parts, it is good. Now that you got the verdict, you know what to do.

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