Small And Dub Film Mania In Tollywood Again

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When you wish to analyze the trend of the Tollywood circuit you would be left perplexed because you are not really sure at what time which works and which doesn’t. But the common pattern is that there is a mania which stays for a while and then fades out eventually.

For a long time, the focus was on horror comedies and a fair share of movies made their mark at the box office. Cut to the present, a new mania has begun engulfing the filmnagar folks. This is about coming up with small budget and dubbed movies.

The reason being, some of the recent movies which came in that segment worked really well at the box office. The likes of Kshanam, Pelli Choopulu, Manamantha comprise the small budget flicks while Bichchagadu belongs to the dubbed movie segment. Let us see how long this mania lasts.

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