'My Son Loves Basketball More Than Films'- Venkatesh iQlik Special Interview

By - August 09, 2016 - 01:37 PM IST

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Victory Venkatesh is one star from the yesteryear era who outgrew his commercial hero image and searching for challenging roles which suit his growing age along with body language. He made interesting films such as Drushyam and Gopala Gopala which got him more confidence to edge towards experimentation. Now the actor is all set to entertain the audience with Babu Bangaram directed by small film wonder Maruthi. The film ready to release this Friday and here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the star:
Hello Venkatesh..

What is Babu Bangaram all about?
The film is an out and out entertainer. The entire film revolves around my character. I play the role of a cop but he is not like regular police guy who is shown macho and hard hearted. He is quite cool and good nature. He falls in love with Nayan who has similar character in life.

What was the reason behind casting Nayanatara as the female lead?
Well, it might look like me and Nayan have the hit pair history and that is the reason behind casting her. But it is not so. We felt that Nayan would be perfect for this role and I really admire her screen presence.

But why is she not seen in the promotional events? Did you ask her why?
All I know is she informed the unit beforehand that she wouldn’t be attending promotions. It was also written in her contract.

There was a time when you seriously considered retiring from films. Why?
At times I think that way but now I know I am capable of doing better films. Moreover, it is not in my hands to retire from films because I decided to do films as long as I can.

What was the reason behind gap between Gopala Gopala and Babu Bangaram?
I always look for good stories and until then I wait. I don’t bother much about the gap and accept films in a hurry.

What is your comment on not getting heroines of your age these days?
True. There is a real shortage for heroines who would suit heroes of my age but it is definitely not impossible. Just like how we cast Meena for Drushyam, feasible options are always available.

Looks like you danced a bit in Babu Bangaram?
(Smiles) Yeah. I do face tough competition from younger heroes in terms of dance. That is why I choose only those steps which would suit my body language and limitations.

When will your son Arjun be seen in films?
He is just in eighth standard. But to my knowledge, he enjoys Basketball more than acting. Let us see how his future goes! He also told someone that it is not necessary to become a hero again when your father himself is a hero! My Dad left me the decision to become a hero and I would like to follow my father in giving free hand to Arjun as well

What is the reason behind choosing more remakes as your films?
I don’t think it is a sin to do remakes. I strongly believe in taking the best aspect of films. I like to bring a new perspective of an existing remake and would like to continue doing as long as I like the story.

What are the plans for Daggubati family film?
Script work is currently going on and we will be announcing about it soon.
How is Salaa Khadoos remake project going on?
I always had a thing for sports films and I am excited to start filming for it.

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