Government Support For Small Films

By - August 12, 2016 - 06:37 PM IST

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When you wake up a member of the film fraternity at the middle of the night and ask him or her as to what is the industry’s biggest threat, you would get only one answer ‘Piracy’. True to that, the cinema industry loses crores of rupees each year because of piracy menace.

But now, government has pulled up its socks and is coming down heavily on the pirates. As a result, films are breathing a sigh of relief. The biggest beneficiaries are the small budget flicks. Normally, many think they can watch the movie in internet as such flicks don’t have star power.

However, because piracy is not happening, all are coming to theatres. As such, for big star movies the momentum to come to theatres will be there but that won’t be the case for small budget movies. With government’s iron fist on piracy, the small budget flicks will find a new lease of life.