Venkatesh On Heavy Homework

By - August 12, 2016 - 08:09 PM IST

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After becoming a hero, once you are approached with an offer, you might think that fan taste and image is important but there is something more deeper and sensible to it. What is important is to see whether the producer will recover his money or not and the market potential.

Not many heroes do such deep thinking but one man has always stood by this. He is none other than victory Venkatesh. It is heard that whenever he is approached with a subject, he will assess the potential and his priority is money to producers and buyers.

That way, he does the homework very thoroughly and only then signs a project. Recently he got to share his thoughts wherein he bounced the idea of having a sequel to his super hit movie Drishyam and maintained it could be an action flick on the lines of Hollywood flick Taken. Let us see how this idea will materialize then.

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