Heroines On Casting Couch In Film Industry

By - August 12, 2016 - 07:11 PM IST

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What you see on the silver screen is a world of fantasy, glamour, beauty and entertainment but beyond the silver screen lies an industry which is filled with its share of dark secrets. The cinema circuit is quite a crystal maze and holds many harsh truths.

A term heard commonly across the circuit is ‘Casting Couch’ and the usual victims are considered to be the actresses. But how genuine is it and is it actually deep. The observations are rather interesting. Very successful heroines say it is just a rumor and nothing of that sort happens.

As for the growing heroines who are yet to get into the big league, they say casting couch exists and it is not an easy path ahead. As for those who are totally unsuccessful, they say they are totally against it and allege big heroines have gone ahead and indulged in it. That way, it is a big myth and sometimes it will be there, more like a mix.