Shocking Remuneration for Jabardasth Comedians!

By - August 13, 2016 - 07:14 PM IST

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Once you prove you have sufficient talent, the next step for you is to build your brand and image. The day you are able to do that rightly you can be rest assured that money will come following you wherever you go. In Tollywood, the hot cake is always comedy.

Hence, if you are someone having the right flair of humour in you, the demand quotient would be rather high. One classic example for that is the group of comedians who are currently featuring the super hit TV comedy show ‘Jabardasth’. Many have already started entering the silver screen.

According to reports, the demand for the comedians from ‘Jabardasth’ is so high that even if they quote fifty thousand per call sheet as the fee, the offers are not coming down. Well, if they can plan their finances and films properly their career and their life would be settled strongly.

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