Heroine Addicted To Smoking

By - August 15, 2016 - 05:31 PM IST

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The pace at which we lead our lives these days has led us to a lot of stress and if we are in a high pressure job then the stress is much higher. As a result, some of us tend to depend on few addictions and they end up becoming as vices with passing time.

Those who are part of the film fraternity work under high pressure environment and usually their outlet is smoking. But the talk now is about one extremely talented heroine who is addicted to smoking in Tollywood. She is a beautiful heroine with very performance oriented image.

Those who are working with her have revealed she is addicted to smoking big time and is not listening to anyone’s request to quit it. As of now luckily that effect is not seen on her but chain smokers will get affected at a later stage and there is no point of repair at that time. Hope this beauty realizes it soon.