Common Man returns Vikram's daughter Ring!

By - August 15, 2016 - 03:18 PM IST

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The engagement ring worn by the new bride is missing…the in-laws naturally spot an ill omen and obviously blame the bride – sounds like some old Telugu film right? Something similar happened with none other than Chiyaan Vikram’s daughter as well. Her engagement (diamond) ring was reportedly missing and a subsequent police case was also filed. However an interesting filmy style happy ending came to the missing ring episode.
Going into the details, the diamond ring is finally found and a cab driver named Lakshmanan in Chennai city returned the lost ring. Lakshamanan learnt that the ring he found was of Vikram’s daughter through newspaper reports and the honest man immediately reached out to Vikram’s family and gave away the ring. As per sources, the ring apparently costs around Rs 12 lakhs.
In today’s world it is indeed a rare instance that a complete stranger promptly returns our belongings that too costly ones knowing their significance and value in one’s life. But Lakshamanan proved that honesty and humanity still prevails. Hats off!