Film Dialogues Influence On Nayeem

By - August 16, 2016 - 06:01 PM IST

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The funny thing about publicity in India is that you have to be a bad boy to become famous quickly and rapidly. The attention span on something negative is much higher than something good for the society. This is one reason why one man has become quite famous these days.

He is none other than gangster Nayeem who was shot dead in an encounter few days ago. There are many interesting and shocking truths coming out after his death and one among them was his episode with an NRI named Sridhar and how money was taken from him.

Sharing the experience, Sridhar explained the whole thing through a whatsapp message and one place in that showed Nayeem’s dialogue ‘naku mekanu kosina…kodini kosina…manishini kosina okkate’. Well, it is Prakash Raj’s dialogue in a movie and it only goes to show how film dialogues had their influence on Nayeem. The fact that he wanted a movie to be made on his own life is the final touch.